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Ferrari 812 Competizione

We are thrilled to offer the amazing Ferrari 812 Competizione just 999 hard-top cars are being built.  We are able to offer just one pre-owned build slot. The car is LHD and able to be specced to your own personal taste.

The 812 Competizione is an improvement on the 812 Superfast, the base version of the current generation V12. But received additional performance improvements And there have been some changes in the design of the car to differentiate it as a smaller version of the special version.


The engine of Competizione / Competizione A is a 65-degree V12 engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters 6,496 cc. From the bore size x stroke is 94.0 × 78.0 mm, compression ratio 13.5: 1, maximum power of 830 horsepower at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque. 692 Nm at 7,200 rpm, an increase from the 812 Superfast by 30 hp

That increased strength Derived from many elements Including new pistons Coated piston pin DLC-Diamond-Like Carbon, 40% lighter titanium connecting rods of the 812 Superfast, a new balanced crankshaft by 3% more, and a unique cylinder head. The Camchaft also coated the new intake manifold DLC, although it only increased by 30 horsepower, but in fact it could add a lot if it weren't for Ferrari to have to adjust the engine to meet international pollution standards.

In the 812 Superfast engine, the rpm cuts at 8,900, but for the 812 Competizione moves to the cut at 9,500 rpm, which is a number that is common in a 4-cylinder engine, but when it is a 12-cylinder engine, the capacity is up to 6.5 liters. Lower part to handle the shock at the high cycle

The powertrain is a 7-speed F1 DCT dual-clutch gearbox, just like the Superfast, but with 5% faster gear shifting tuning.


All of this when combined with the weight of the empty body. Excluding driver / fluid 1,487 kg (approximately 35 kg lighter than the 812) tires and large wheels 275 / 35R20 front, 10 inch wide wheel, 315 / 35R20 rear, 11.5 inch wide rim, material used for making wheels. Is carbon fiber mixed The weight of each wheel is 3.7 kg lighter than the Superfast.


Front 398 mm. Rear disc brake size 360 ​​mm. The 812 Competizione can do 0-100kmh acceleration within 2.85 seconds, even with a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The acceleration is 0-200 kmh, it can be achieved within 7.5 seconds, the top speed is 340kmh

The basic suspension is taken from the Superfast model and has a 4-wheel steering system PCV 3.0, and of course, what is indispensable is the Side Slip Control version 7.0. As for the external shape There is a front flap that adjusts automatically according to speed like Superfast, but has a new front air intake. There is a black boomerang-like stripe on the hood. But the biggest difference is that the back of the Competizione Coupe uses a perforated aluminum rear window cover. Make it look like a racing car like Ferrari 330 P3 / P4, but because of this cover Makes visibility behind that .. almost none left, causing Ferrari to install cameras to illuminate the back of the car. For the driver to use instead of the rear view mirror

In addition, both rear spoiler And rear diffuser It has been adjusted to clearly grow in size, the exhaust pipe was changed from 2 pipes to one side instead of changing the aerodynamics Thus, at 250 kmh, the 812 Competizione is able to generate 30% more air pressure on the hull than the Superfast.

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