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McMurtry Spéirling  Goodwood Edition

Record Breaker

The 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed made headlines globally due to the record-breaking run by the McMurtry Spéirling.

Built to Perform

The Spéirling  Goodwood Edition he electric fan car that just rocketed around the Goodwood Hill Climb in a record 39.08 seconds will be legalized for road use in the near future.

Demand Downforce

Providing tonnes from a Spéirling's Downforce-to Demand system holds the key to total track domination.

2000kg of down-force at 0 km/hr


Redefining the Standard

The Spéirling rubs shoulders with the giants of motorsport, combining the torque advantage of electric power-trains with never-before-seen pace through tight corners.

McMurtry Goodwood.png
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