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Covid-19 hasn't stopped Knight International

Covid-19 has not stopped Knight International:

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the sales for Knight International keep rolling in. This week we managed to sell this beautiful Ferrari FXX-K Evo.

The virus did make this sale more difficult as the car is at the Corse Client workshop at the Ferrari Factory in Italy, you may know that the factory is closed, so the buyer can not see, touch, inspect the car and we can not deliver it until the factory reopens.

Fortunately, we have a close relationship with Ferrari and were able to get confirmation that the car is in perfect condition and never damaged, we were given the engine and gearbox tech report and was able to change the ownership title all while the factory is closed. Our Lawyers helped with all the legal documentation and secure payment to enable us to complete the sale on Friday. We now have a happy, excited buyer who is looking forward to receiving his Ferrari as soon as the factory reopens.

We are thrilled to be able to offer another Ferrari FXX-K Evo with a 100% guarantee that this car can be seen, touched, driven, inspected and delivered immediately, for details email

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