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Ferrari Reopens Factory with Blood Test

Ferrari has started a gradual ramp-up back to full production in Italy after several weeks of shutdown for the coronavirus pandemic. The Italian government is allowing companies to resume operations as of Monday, May 4, if they follow health precautions. So, in line with those requirements, the automaker has put stringent safety measures into effect and has been training workers in the new procedures this week before going back to full production on Friday, May 8. Workers are going through a safety training program Ferrari has named "Back on Track."

Between late April and that full restart date, the automaker has also started giving all of its 4000 workers a blood test checking for the presence of antibodies to the coronavirus, on a voluntary basis. So far, as the Wall Street Journal reported late last week, less than 1 percent of the 2000 workers already tested have come back testing positive for antibodies, which could mean (depending on how effective the tests turn out to be) that they have not had the virus.

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