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Inside the Corse Clienti XX Drivers Programme

Ferrari’s most dedicated customers are invited to join the XX programme and drive track-only models such as the FXX K

You can’t drive the Ferrari FXX-K on the road. You can’t go racing in it. If you want to own one, Ferrari has to invite you to part with €2.2 million (£1.5m) plus local taxes for the privilege. All 40 FXX Ks were sold before the wider world even knew about it.

That’s not a normal way of buying a car, but the FXX K is hardly normal. The LaFerrari-based FXX K is a 1021bhp V12 hybrid track toy, a high-tech tour de force of active aero, advanced driver assistance and chassis systems and Formula 1-inspired tech.

“We call it the laboratory,” says Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s commercial chief and the man who oversees the Corse Clienti programme (Ferrari’s arm that will sell you anything that’s not a road car, including old F1 cars) in which the XX cars sit.

“We take an existing car and make it more fun and fast,” he continues. “The clients then buy them and work with us and become part of the team. They like to drive, enjoy it and have fun, but some are like official drivers; they’re very fast and their comments are up to the point. We always listen.”

The FXX K is the third XX model from Ferrari in the past decade. The Enzo morphed into the FXX in 2005 and the 599 GTB Fiorano spawned the 599XX in 2009. Their existence allows Ferrari to test out advanced new technologies that can filter onto its road and GT racing cars, with the feedback coming directly from the owners.

“Road cars have homologation concerns, race cars have rules; these have no barriers,” Galliera says. “We test on them what we can’t on road or race cars. Customers tell us if the technology is interesting or not, then we see if it’s suitable to develop further for the road cars.”

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