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Thinking of buying a 599XX?

Thinking of buying a 599XX car?

The second of the XX car series is the incredible Ferrari 599XX, arguably the best sounding XX of them all. Cars are being sold for around €1.6m to €2m depending on the mileage and if it's a factory Evo or upgraded to an Evo.

Just like the FXX-K, the 599XX will need an engine and gearbox service every 10,000km, the cost is approximately €60,000 to €70,000 euros.

If you choose a standard 599XX and decided to upgrade the car to an Evo, the upgrade package will cost approximately €200,000 euros. The global racecar brokerage Knight International has two of these amazing cars for sale, one standard the other a factory Evo. Enquires to

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